About the Company


The main stages of „Baltic Champs” history:

• 1994-1997 – the rudiments of the Company’s business. Farmer Kęstutis Juščius started mushroom growing business.
• 1998-2001 – the developmental stage of mushroom growing business. The “Baltic Champignons“ brand was created.
• in 2002 – the Company becomes the biggest mushroom grower in the Baltic States and the sole producer of mycelium in cultivation medium in the Baltic States.
• 2002-2008 – the period of imbibe of investments to the most progressive technologies in Europe of mycelium cultivation in growing medium (compost), renewal and improvement of the champignon growing technologies.
• in 2009 – the Company started its scientific research activity in mushroom cultivation.
• in 2013 – farmer Kęstutis Juščius has moved his well developed mushroom business to a new established company „Baltic Champs“.
• in 2014 Baltic Champs Group became the strategic investor and merged with Agrowill Group - the largest organic farming and investment group of companies in Lithuania which nowadays carry out agricultural activities in the area of over 24.000 hectares for organic farming. 


At the beginning of 2016, 520 employees were employed by the Company.



A Head Office of the Company is located in Gruzdžiai borough.
The department of Gruzdžiai produces mycelium in cultivation medium (compost).
The department of mushroom sale is located in Širvintos.
Širvintos mushroom cultivation factory (in Širvintos).
Staneliai mushroom cultivation factory (in Stanelių village).


Quality Policy

Our values:

• We supply only fresh, natural and qualitative production to our consumers and customers.
• We follow the practices of harmonious farming and seek for economic, ecological and socio-cultural consistency.
• We apply the highest and strictest GLOBA G.A.P. standards in the Company’s processes of production.
• We constantly improve the labour conditions and implement modern production equipment and high industrial technologies.
• We appreciate and highly value the contribution of the Company’s employees towards creation and development of our business.
• We seek for effective and rational consumption of energy in order to reduce the amount of energy consumption annually.
• We appreciate the long-term collaboration with our customers and respect our partners.
• We conceive and obey our liability for society.

Our quality policy corresponds to the values of the company „Baltic Champignons“. We follow them each day, when taking decisions, communicating with customers and partners.

The quality policy involves: high level of hygiene in production; naturalness –natural raw materials are used in the processes of production; freshness – the mushrooms are harvested and supplied to our customers daily. On the grounds of these goals our Company’s slogan “Natural & Fresh” was born. Since 2004, our Company joined in the certification of good agrarian practice in European Union, and in 2005, it was certified with a GLOBALG.A.P. certificate conforming to the quality standards of agricultural production handling, storage and realisation. This certificate obliges us to observe the requirements of high level in our production.

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