Organic mushrooms

Baltic Champs is proud to market six varieties of Baltic Champignons certified organically-grown mushrooms, plus conventional and specialty mushrooms  — all guaranteed to arrive fresh and quality assured. Whether intended for simple comfort foods or elaborate culinary works of art, Baltic Champignons mushrooms are the first choice for quality Lithuanian-grown bulk, pre-packaged and specialty mushrooms.

White Champignons

Conventional and Organic

White Champignons vary in colour from off-white to white. Freshly picked White Champignons have closed veils (caps that fit closely to the stem) and a delicate flavour, making them the preferred choice when mushrooms are to be eaten raw in salads or with dips. Mature Whites, with open veils and darkened caps, develop a richer, deeper taste, which intensifies when cooked.
Baltic Champignons available varieties: jumbo, medium, button and baby.


Brown Champignons

Conventional and Organic

Brown Champignons are similar in appearance to White Champignons and can be used as a substitute for them in any recipe. However, they have a deeper, denser, earthier flavour and a firmer texture. They range in colour from light tan to rich brown and are excellent for grilling, stuffing, sautéing and stir-frying.
Baltic Champignons available varieties: jumbo, medium and button.


Portabella mushrooms

Conventional and Organic

With its slightly longer growing cycle, the Portabella mushroom offers a rich, hardy flavour. It is an excellent meat substitute and, therefore, is often found on vegetarian menus. It is an ideal roasting or grilling mushroom, which can easily stand alone as an elegant side dish.
Baltic Champignons available varieties: Large, medium and small.


Oyster mushrooms


Fluted and graceful, Oyster mushrooms have a velvety texture and are best when cooked. They have a mild flavour and range in colour from soft brown to grey. Because of their visual appeal, they are often used in cream-based pasta sauces, stir-fries and gourmet dishes.


Eringi mushrooms


Eringi mushroom also known as the King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii). The Eringi mushroom is the largest of the oyster mushrooms and is celebrated for its thick, meaty stem, wonderful nutty flavor and silken-firm texture. Professional chefs across Europe often remark on its versatility and frequently feature the Eringi mushroom prominently on their menus, in place of or along with wild mushrooms.


Shiitake mushrooms


Also known as the Chinese or Black Forest mushroom, the Shiitake mushroom ranges from tan to dark brown. It offers a meaty, woodsy flavour, which makes it a favourite choice for soups, vegetarian meals and side dishes.

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